Enabling Industrial IoT Evolution

Hi Speed WiFi on the Trains with 3 Stream 802.11ac MIMO
High throughput 3 stream 802.11ac MIMO is the answer for explosion of wireless data in Enterprises
Prism Transceivers are being used to implement Video + Command and Control links to the Unmanned Vehicles
Wireless Video Explosion - Transport Multi Stream HD Video with state-of-the-art long-range 802.11ac technology
High Speed WiFi on the Plane
Aerial monitoring of farms and forests
Instant Mesh Broadband Wireless Networks for battalions on the move even in green fields without communication infrastructure
Instant Mesh networks for the Public Safety/First Responders
Prism Transceivers implement cost effective Wireless Broadband links to the offshore oil platforms and avoid recurring monthly data charges
Ease of video surveillance cameras installation with wireless streaming
Long Range, light weight and low power Prism Transceiers are used to implement HD Video + Command and Control links
Prism Transceivers are used by Backhaul modem manufacturers.
Prism Transceivers are used to stream HD video from the race cars and bring the live driver's view to the audience
Prism Transceivers are being used to stream live HD video from the Electronic News Gathering (ENG) vehicles

Doodle Labs – Enabling Industrial IoT Evolution

We are focusing on the development of best-in-class, embedded Broadband Transceivers and Front End Subsystems for demanding Industrial IoT applications in the Communications, Industrial, Military and Healthcare market sectors. We offer the industry’s largest portfolio of MIMO transceivers for many frequency bands. Read More …

Featured Customer Solution

Police Robot

Wirelessly Linking up Unmanned Vehicles

Today, Unmanned Vehicles (UVs) — robotic vehicles capable of operating in a variety of environments and functioning in place of humans are being used for a variety of commercial and military purposes. The term Unmanned Vehicles can refer to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). For all Unmanned Vehicles, the wireless links are a lifeline to carry command, control and data information. It is desirable to have high capacity, long range data link for transporting the sensory data to the control center. Doodle Labs transceivers provide high throughput IP connectivity that enables new capabilities by streaming HD video, audio and data.

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Evolutionary Products

Doodle Labs offers high performance transceivers optimized for Industrial Wi-Fi applications. The transceivers have global regulatory approvals and support IEEE 802.11ac and 802.11n standards. They have been employed in numerous applications like UAV (Drones), Robotics, Mesh Networks, Wireless Infrastructure in Oil/Gas/Mining industry, Video Surveillance etc. 

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The Prism-FES (Front-End-Subsystem) is a tiny, bi-directional frequency shifter/amplifier for up to 4 MIMO streams and 256 QAM modulation. It instantly enables any wireless communication system to operate on a different frequency band while dramatically improving the operating range, receive sensitivity and interference rejection characteristics.

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