Enabling the Industrial IoT Revolution


We are focused on the development of best-in-class broadband transceivers and front-end subsystems to enable innovative Industrial IoT applications in the UAV, Robotics, O&G, Mining, Communications, and Military market sectors. We offer the industry’s largest portfolio of Wi-Fi and Licensed band transceivers.

Industrial IoT

Everyone’s talking about the “Industrial IoT” but what exactly does that mean for our future? In this thoughtful talk, economist Marco Annunziata looks at how technology is transforming the industrial sector, creating machines that can see, feel, sense and react — so they can be operated far more efficiently. Think: airplane parts that send an alert when they need to be serviced, or wind turbines that communicate with one another to generate more electricity. It’s a future with exciting implications for us all.

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C3 for UAVs

Agriculture UAV

Today, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — UAVs or Drones are being used for a variety of commercial and military purposes. These vehicles are operated remotely. For all Unmanned Vehicles, the wireless links are a lifeline to carry command, control and communication (C3). This paper discusses the important considerations in the design and development of the wireless broadband links.

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Revolutionary Transceivers

Industrial WiFi

Industrial Wi-Fi – High performance and rugged transceivers have modular FCC, CE, IC approvals and support IEEE 802.11ac and 802.11n standards. They have been employed in numerous long range applications like UAV (Drones), Robotics, Mesh Networks in Oil/Gas/Mining industry, Video Surveillance etc. 

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Special Band Transceivers – Targeted for private wireless network applications. State-of-the-art, longrange IEEE 802.11n 2×2:2 MIMO performance in various licensed bands for projects in different countries around the world. .

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Frequency Shifters (FES) – A revolutionary, tiny bi-directional frequency converter + amplifier “SDR” modules. They instantly enable any wireless equipment to operate on a different frequency band while dramatically improving the operating range, receive sensitivity and interference rejection characteristics.

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Private LTE Networks (LTE-FES) – Enable the use of standard LTE-A equipment to implement private broadband network on proprietary frequency band.

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