NTIA Compliant 4.4 GHz NATO Broadband Transceivers

The 4.4 GHz band, also known as C-Band, is a licensed band dedicated for US and NATO military that offers several advantages. Since the band is restricted to military use, it provides an additional level of security and is less crowded than the unlicensed spectrum.

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FCC Certified 4.9 GHz Public Safety Broadband Transceiver

The FCC in the United States has allocated 50 MHz of licensed bandwidth in the 4.9-GHz frequency band for wireless broadband access for the public safety agencies to support mobile and fixed services.

Global Approvals for Industrial Wi-Fi Transceivers

US (FCC), Canada (IC) and Europe (ETSI) full regulatory compliance as DFS Master and Client devices for IEEE 802.11ac and 802.11n transceiver family optimized for Industrial Wi-Fi applications.


High Performance Embedded Wi-Fi (802.11n) Radio Transceivers

High Performance adapters optimized for rate-vs-range performance.


Band Shifting LTE Small Cells

Simple solution for band shifting the LTE signals without redesign of the Small Cell equipment


High Performance IEEE 802.11ac Embedded Radio Modules for Enterprise Applications

Doodle Labs Announces Collaboration with Gateworks

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