Radio Transceiver Development Systems

Doodle Labs has partnered with the industry leaders to document complete development systems which include all the hardware, accessories and software tools you need to test concepts, deliver prototypes and develop a product with Doodle Labs radio transceiver modules. You can acquire valuable understanding of the wireless module’s functionality, configuration options and performance.

Because of the large number of choices available in each product category, it is not possible to offer just one development kit that can meet all project requirements. This document is intended to help select various components for final system integration. Doodle Labs technical sales team will be happy to discuss the project requirements and provide further assistance. 

System Integration

As shown in the block diagram, the modular nature of the Doodle Labs radio transceivers allows for accelerated development of the wireless modem.

System Integration - AC

  1. Doodle Labs Radio Transceivers – Select from a large family of radio transceivers operating in different frequency bands.
  2. Single Board Computer – Any embedded Single Board Computer with standard miniPCI-Express interface is required. Doodle Labs has partnered with Gateworks to provide a fully tested implementation. Gateworks has a large selection of powerful ARM based SBC available in many different configurations and form-factors.
  3. Wireless Router – The Linux distribution OpenWRT provides advanced features in a wireless router. It is a stable distribution and many OEMs are using OpenWRT as a starting point and customize further for their application. The distribution includes the ath9k/ath10k drivers to interface with the Doodle Labs transceivers. Both OpenWRT and ath9k/ath10k drivers have extensive documentation available. Doodle Labs and Gateworks have a private distribution to ensure that the development kit is ready to run and has applied all the latest software patches.

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