Doodle Design Center

The Doodle Design Center provides  information, design resources, tools, and support for wireless system developers. We would like to ensure rapid, seamless integration of our products and technologies. It is our goal to have our customers go to market faster with better performing products at a lower overall cost.   

Doodle Technologies

The proliferation of interconnected wireless devices has revolutionized how people and organizations interact, communicate, and work. As demand for devices with greater connectivity and functionality grows so does the need for modern spectrum efficient wireless broadband communication with native IP architecture. Doodle Labs products are designed to meet these challenges.

Technical Papers

We are constantly collaborating with our customers to help during the development cycle. These interactions give us a broad perspective on some of the most innovative ideas. Here we present our synthesis of where Doodle Labs products can be leveraged to develop new capabilities. It is hoped that these Application Notes will trigger some additional ideas for your own applications.  

Radio Transceiver Development Systems

Doodle Labs has partnered with the industry leaders for complete development systems which include all the hardware, accessories and software tools you need to test concepts, deliver prototypes and develop a product with Doodle Labs radio transceiver modules. You can acquire valuable understanding of the wireless module’s functionality, configuration options and performance.

Please contact us with your project requirements and we will be happy to work with you.