Doodle Technologies

Enabling Industrial Internet of Things

The world is going wireless and wireless is going broadband. Wireless broadband enables the creation of innovative new businesses and applications that transform people’s lives. As a result, the industry is frantically working to connect billions of new things to the internet. To cope with this tidal wave of demand, governments around the world are freeing up more and more frequency bands. Recognizing this trend, Doodle Labs has focused on making cost effective wireless broadband omnipresent, in all environments and frequency bands. Below we briefly describe the technologies being used in our products.

Prism® Technology – Enabling Spectrum Efficient Wireless for All

Over a decade ago, Doodle Labs pioneered the application of superheterodyne frequency shifting technology to modern wireless broadband communication. Today there are many tens of thousands of units deployed around the world. The basic business proposition of our frequency and band shifting products is that they enable the use of state-of-the-art wireless communication in proprietary or under-utilized bands.

Today IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi) and LTE-Advanced are undeniably the most advanced and spectrum efficient wireless broadband technologies available. Their enormous success has created a positive spiral to attract even more investments, which are pushing them to further heights. As the demand for wireless data is increasing at an exponential rate, Doodle Labs believes that frequency shifted Wi-Fi or LTE can provide significant value addition in all industry specific frequency bands.

In a manner similar to a light prism, Doodle Labs’ Prism® technology simultaneously shifts the frequency of the complex, multi-carrier OFDM/MIMO signals to operate at any frequency band. The result is state-of-the-art Wi-Fi/LTE operating at the desired frequency band, with best-in-class performance while preserving all the benefits of cost, IP based architecture, eco-system, and momentum.




In order to facilitate the use of the Prism® technology, Doodle Labs has developed a family of very compact bi-directional Front-End Subsystem (FES) modules. In addition to frequency shifting, the Prism-FES incorporates Power Amps and LNA, and filters quickly integrate them into any RF system. These proven designs provide tremendous flexibility to the system designers to think of new wireless Broadband applications that were not possible before.

The FES modules have been designed to be highly configurable to meet wide ranging project requirements in terms of frequency, throughput, and power requirements. A family of LTE-FES, WiFi-FES, and Prism-WiFi transceivers (frequency shifted Wi-Fi) are available.

Industrial Wi-Fi Transceivers  rugged-mimo-radio-top

Doodle Labs has developed a large portfolio of embedded transceiver modules based on state-of-the-art IEEE802.11n and 11ac wireless technologies. The transceivers provide best-in-class performance in outdoor and rugged environments, with high transmit power and better receive sensitivity to achieve higher throughput over longer distances and larger areas. In addition, Doodle Labs’ transceivers feature high interference immunity for operating in today’s Wi-Fi congested environments. The transceiver platforms are available in standard size miniPCI-Express form factors.