Frequency Converters (FCS)

The FCS is a unique RF front-end subsystem that provides bi-directional frequency shifting, amplification, and filtering of complex OFDM signals. It leverages Doodle Labs’ Prism technology to enable existing wireless communication systems to operate at licensed band frequencies.
System Integration

The modular nature of the FCS allows very simple system integration with CPU boards. As shown in the block diagram, the FCS works as an in-line module to the antenna. In addition to modifying the operating frequency, it improves Tx power and Rx sensitivity of the radio. The FCS modules are compact in size and provide mounting flexibility inside the modem casing.



Available Models

The table below lists available models with additional models being released soon. We are able to configure the FCS to meet the project-specific frequency requirements up to 6000 MHz. Please contact us with your project requirements.

ANT Freq
RF Freq
Description Model No.
902-928  MHz 2.4 GHz License free 915 MHz band in North, South and Latin Americas, Australia
1 stream, 27 dBm, Extended temp Rugged
2×2 MIMO, 30 dBm, Extended temp, Rugged

Coming Soon

3400-3800  MHz 5.6 GHz Communication band in Europe, Canada
1 stream, 24 dBm, Extended temp Rugged
2×2 MIMO, 27 dBm, Extended temp, Rugged

Coming Soon