Frequency Shifting Front End Subsystems (FES)

The FES modules are ground breaking family of embedded RF blocks to provide unprecedented flexibility to any wireless communication system’s design. They simply shift the RF operating frequency and thus enable the modem’s operation in different frequency bands. Additionally, the FES amplifies the Tx power and Rx gain to increase the wireless range. This allows the modem’s use in different countries or for different applications. The FES modules are tiny and designed for very simple integration. Their form factor compatibility means a simple swap of the FES module to switch to a different band to meet customer’s requirements in any market or country. 

One of the primary use of the FES blocks is to integrate with newer generation SBC boards with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to develop IoT applications. The intended focus is on applications that require high data throughput over long range. Below are some examples –
  • Long Range Data Links for Unmanned Vehicles (Drones and Ground based Robots)
  • Range Extender for low power integrated 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radios
  • Smart City Applications
  • Mining, Oil and Gas fields
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Power Grid Automation 
 System Integration

The modular nature of the FES allows very simple system integration. As shown in the block diagram, the FES works as an in-line module to the antenna. The FES modules are compact in size and provide mounting flexibility inside the modem casing.



Available Models

The table below lists off-the-shelf available models. We are able to configure the FES to meet the project-specific frequency requirements up to 4000 MHz. New frequency models will become available over time. Please contact us with your project requirements.

ANT Freq
RF Freq
Description Model No.
902-928  MHz 2.4 GHz WiFi License free 915 MHz band in North, South and Latin Americas, Australia
1 stream, 27 dBm, Extended temp, Rugged
2×2 MIMO, 30 dBm, Extended temp, Rugged HM-915-2
2.4 GHz WiFi 2.4 GHz WiFi Power Booster for Wi-Fi
1 stream, 27 dBm, Extended temp, Rugged
Power Booster for Wi-Fi
2×2 MIMO, 30 dBm, Extended temp, Rugged
3400-3800  MHz 5.6 GHz WiFi Communication band in Europe, Canada
1 stream, 24 dBm, Extended temp, Rugged
2×2 MIMO, 27 dBm, Extended temp, Rugged HM-3600-2