Prism-FES (Frequency Shifter)

The Prism-FES is a unique radio front-end subsystem that provides bi-directional frequency shifting of OFDM signals. It leverages the Doodle Labs Prism® technology to enable the use of state-of-the-art, spectrum efficient wireless communication technologies in the private/licensed bands. Due to it’s flexible architecture, the Prism-FES can be used like Lego building blocks to develop a wide variety of new wireless solutions. Most common use for the Prism-FES is to frequency shift the state-of-the-art Wi-Fi and LTE signals to special bands to implement private wireless network and avoid the interference related issues.
Prism-FES Block Diagram

The Prism-FES integrates state-of-the-art super-heterodyne bi-directional frequency converters, power amp, harmonic/OOBE suppression circuit, receiver LNA, filtering and auto Rx/Tx switching functions in the industry’s smallest, lightweight form factor. The Prism-FES modules feature Doodle Labs proprietary technology to enable simultaneous frequency shifting of 2×2 MIMO streams. The power amplifiers are linear and capable of supporting high modulation OFDM signals with up to 256 QAM modulation. The Prism-FES provides complete transmit and receive paths from radio to the antenna with 50 Ohms input/output matched RF ports. The antenna ports have the integrated over-stress protection to withstand environmental electrical surges. The Prism-FES features highly configurable design architecture to adapt frequency and RF power for a vast range of wireless applications. The embedded Prism-FES modules offer the industry’s smallest size, weight and power characteristics.

System Integration

As shown in the block diagram, the modular nature of the Prism-FES makes it a very simple system integration. Only the RF signal is required from the radio and Prism-FES works as an in-line module to the antenna. The Prism-FES are compact in size and provide mounting flexibility inside the modem for better system thermal management. For special channel plans, as optional USB port is available.


Available Models

The Prism-FES has flexible design architecture to allow easy factory configuration of Radio and ANT frequencies to meet various project requirements. These different frequencies achieve a vast range of miniature, form-factor compatible models. Please take a look at the General Specifications to better understand the design block capabilities. Below table lists few of the completed projects. Please contact us for your requirements and we will be happy to work with you.

ANT Freq (MHz) Radio Freq (MHz) Description Model No.
 902-928 2412-2437 ISM 900 MHz band from Wi-Fi,
1 stream, Up to 30 dBm, Outdoor and Extended temp Rugged models
    2×2 MIMO, Up to 33 dBm, Outdoor and Extended temp Rugged models F*-915-2425-2
 2412-2482 2412-2482 Power booster for 2×2 MIMO, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Up to 33 dBm, Extended temp Rugged model FM-2447-2447-2
 2500-2700  5200-5400 BRS/EBS Communication Band, Broadband Wireless Access Band, USA, Europe
2×2 MIMO, Up to 33 dBm, Outdoor and Extended temp Rugged models
3550-3700 2650-2700 2.6 GHz LTE-TDD band B41 shift to new 3.5 GHz Citizen’s Broadband, High power 36 dBm, Integrated 2×2, Extended temp Rugged model FM-3625-2675-2H
 3650-3700 5200-5250 Configured to work with 3rd party USB Wi-Fi adapter, 25 dBm power, Outdoor and Extended temp Rugged models F*-3675-5225-1
 5000-5100 902-928 Configured to work with Freewave 900 MHz narrowband radio, Up to 32 dBm power, Extended temp Rugged model FM-5050-915-1
 5100-5900 5100-5900 Power booster for 2×2 MIMO, 802.11ac/n Wi-Fi, Up to 32 dBm, Extended temp Rugged model FM-5500-5500-2
5925-6475 5200-5750 “Lightly Licensed” Lower 6 GHz Communication Band – USA, Russia, Europe, Africa
1 stream, 802.11ac/n Wi-Fi, 21 dBm, Outdoor model
    2×2 MIMO, 802.11ac/n Wi-Fi, 24 dBm, Outdoor model FL-6175-5475-2