About Us

Doodle Labs’ core competency is to develop state-of-the-art, Wireless Broadband MIMO/OFDM Radios, Transceivers and Front End Subsystems (FES) to enable innovative Industrial IoT applications. Our goal is to allow our customers go to market faster with better performing products at a lower overall cost. For over 18 years, OEM manufacturers have been relying on Doodle Labs for expertise in designing their wireless systems. Our design philosophy has always focused on achieving best-in-class performance while requiring minimal integration effort.

We have a broad portfolio of products that are available off-the-shelf. In addition, we work closely with OEMs to conceptualize and develop solutions for large-scale projects. Please contact us with your project requirements and we would be happy to discuss them with you.

Our products are being used by many leading companies in their respective industries. We use only Tier-1 components and well established RF manufacturing processes to achieve the highest quality products possible. Each product is individually tested and calibrated to ensure performance and reliability. As a result, our radios have been field proven in the most demanding industrial and military applications possible.

Doodle Labs outsources it’s supply chain to large EMS partners in Singapore and Indonesia. This allows our customers to quickly ramp up new product volumes for fast market introduction and it allows our team to focus on its core design competency. Doodle Labs was founded in 1999 and has offices in the United States and Singapore.