Wireless Broadband Solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems

The communications link is the lifeline between the flyer and ground control station, and it is necessary to have a highly reliable, low latency, high throughput wireless communication link for Command, Control and streaming sensor data (e.g. 4K video).

Broadband for IIoT – Technology Overview

BII® (Broadband for Industrial Internet) is an innovative wireless broadband technology developed by Doodle Labs. Standing on the shoulders of the underlying state-of-the-art MIMO technology used by the ubiquitous IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi), BII further extends the technology to facilitate deployment of high performance mobile networks.

State-of-the-art MIMO Performance in 900 MHz License Free Band

Doodle Labs announces general availability of a range of embedded wireless modules to enable state-of-the-art MIMO performance in the license free 900 MHz band.

Doodle Labs Signs Mouser Electronics as a Global Distribution Partner

The distribution agreement increases the access and availability of Doodle Labs high performance Industrial Wi-Fi transceivers.

FCC Certified 4.9 GHz Public Safety Broadband Transceiver

The FCC in the United States has allocated 50 MHz of licensed bandwidth in the 4.9-GHz frequency band for wireless broadband access for the public safety agencies to support mobile and fixed services.