FCC Certified 4.9 GHz Public Safety Broadband Transceiver

November 22, 2016
Doodle Labs is excited to announce the modular FCC certification of its embedded 4.9 GHz Public Safety Broadband transceiver. The transceiver has been certified as fully compliant for the FCC’s Part 90y requirements. This certification provides System Integrators with a streamlined path to offer modems and routers for various Public Safety related applications.
Target Applications 

The FCC in the United States has allocated 50 MHz of licensed bandwidth in the 4.9-GHz frequency band for wireless broadband access for the public safety agencies to support mobile and fixed services. This licensed band enables the public safety organizations to create highly secure wireless IP networks between a remote workforce and headquarters. Typical applications include:

  • Law Enforcement and First Responders
    Video surveillance for crime prevention and suspect identification and apprehension
    Field connectivity for timely and secure communications with central office for location-based information and coordinated incident response
  • Intelligent Traffic Systems
    Traffic monitoring and centralized control for traffic lights
    Timely driver alerts for changing road conditions and potential hazards for accident prevention
  • Public Transit Systems
    Fleet management with data collection
  • Medical Services
    Video, data, and voice access from the field to central command in administering aid to the injured
  • Fire Protection Services
    Vehicular installed WiFi hot spot to provide video images to centralized command center
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection:
    Video surveillance and monitoring for streets, public areas, and critical facilities such as seaports, airports, train stations, sports stadiums, special events, etc.

Doodle Labs’ embedded 4.9 GHz Public Safety Broadband transceiver has been designed to provide the industry’s best-in-class performance, particularly for addressing challenging applications. Of note, the transceivers feature high high RF power and great Rx sensitivity to provide high throughput over long ranges. They support an extended temperature range, >20KV antenna protection, and vibration resiliency for outdoor/rugged environments.

Beyond performance, Doodle Labs is extremely focused on the quality of its products. Each transceiver is individually tested and calibrated to eliminate field performance variations. Doodle Labs uses components only from the Tier-1 suppliers and state-of-the-art manufacturing machines to maintain the high quality and reliability. Additionally, Doodle Labs supports industrial projects with long life cycle requirements.

About Doodle Labs –

Doodle Labs is focused on developing the highest-performance embedded wireless broadband transceivers and subsystems. The company offers an extensive line of transceivers in the 200 MHz to 7 GHz frequency range, serving customers from numerous industry verticals. These radio subsystems enable OEMs to incorporate state-of-the-art wireless broadband capabilities with minimum integration efforts and tremendous flexibility.

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