Doodle Labs offers an extensive family of embedded wireless radios, transceivers, and front-end subsystems that operate in many different frequency bands.

Our central product design objective is to allow our customers to go to market quickly with the best performing products possible. To that end, Doodle Labs technology has been developed with a highly configurable architecture, allowing our products to be quickly factory-configured to operate within the 100 MHz – 6 GHz frequency range, using MIMO or single stream, and at various RF power options.

We take pride in the quality of our products. Each wireless module is individually tested and calibrated to ensure consistent and reliable performance in the field. We use only the highest quality components and manufacturing processes.

Industrial Wi-Fi Transceivers  

High-power, high-throughput, and rugged design. Our transceivers feature the industry’s highest transmit power, receive sensitivity, and interference immunity. They have modular FCC, CE, and IC approvals and support 802.11ac and 802.11n standards. Both 2×2 and 3×3 MIMO stream models are available.

The transceivers are designed to operate in demanding environments and at extreme temperatures, and have been deployed in numerous industrial applications.

Smart Radio™ Family

A tiny and highly flexible, full featured embedded MIMO radio router platform designed for easy system integration. The Smart Radio employs Doodle Labs proprietary BII™ technology (Broadband for IIoT) with state-of-the-art RF and networking capabilities to enable IIoT developers efficiently use any frequency band. The Smart Radio communicates data long distances with up to 100 Mbps throughput. A large family of form factor compatible radios are available in many frequency bands up to 4 GHz. These interchangeable radios allow using a new frequency band by simply swapping a single component.

Broadband Transceivers 

Targeted for wireless broadband applications in various unlicensed and licensed bands in different countries around the world. Doodle Labs’ frequency shifting Prism®  technology provides the same high-throughput performance as 802.11n 2×2:2 MIMO, but in special frequency bands. The full portfolio includes radios that operate anywhere between 100 MHz – 6 GHz.

Similar to our Industrial Wi-Fi Transceivers, these transceivers have been field proven in numerous industrial applications requiring high performance in harsh operating environments. The transceivers have low out of band emissions (OOBE) to meet strict regulatory requirements of licensed band operation.

Frequency Shifters for Wi-Fi 

RF front-end subsystems provide bi-directional frequency shifting of OFDM and MIMO signals by being placed between the radio and antenna. Utilizing Doodle Labs’ frequency shifting Prism® technology, they enable wireless equipment to operate on a different frequency band (100 MHz – 6 GHz) while dramatically improving the operating range, receive sensitivity, and interference rejection characteristics.

The Frequency Shifters are designed to be used with embedded SBC boards with integrated Wi-Fi radios. They are tiny, lightweight, and simple to use, and are form-factor compatible. 

Band Shifters for LTE  

RF front-end subsystems that utilize frequency shifting Prism® technology to enable high performance 2×2:2 MIMO LTE-A equipment to operate in proprietary bands. This allows the deployment of private LTE networks using standard LTE equipment. The LTE Frequency Shifter acts as a compact, in-line module between the LTE modem and the antenna.