FAA compliant industrial WiFi and international frequencies

Doodle Labs radios have been designed to meet the range and performance requirements of a variety of aviation requirements. In addition, they are some of the only radios on the market that meet FAA compliance requirements, such as the inclusion of an RF Kill feature.
Our products meet the unique requirements of unmanned systems:
High-power, long-distance links
Industrial-grade construction
Reach ground systems or provide connectivity to the entire aircraft
Extended temperature range (-40C to 85C) and vibration proof
High-speed streaming to multiple users
Many frequencies
Regulatory compliance
International and government applications operate on a multitude of frequencies.
FAA, FCC, IC, and CE compliance
In-flight avionics and onboard entertainment have rapidly improved over the past decade, increasing the requirements for wireless connectivity. Doodle Labs powers some of the most advanced aviation systems on the market.


Small, embedded router with Ethernet and UART interfaces; integrated CPU, transceiver, frequency shifter, and BII technology.

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