Mining, Agriculture, and Forestry

Reliability and scalability for systems that require 100% uptime

Field operations consist of multiple vehicles, equipment, and personnel, dispersed across rugged terrain – all of which require constant, reliable connectivity while on the move. Doodle Labs’ broadband radios offer the throughput required by the industry’s adoption of automated technology.
Our products meet the unique requirements of unmanned systems:
Industrial-grade construction
Many frequencies
High-power, long-distance links
Extended temperature range (-40C to 85C) and vibration proof
International customers have access to unique frequencies, including channels as small as 3 MHz
Connect to field sites many kilometers away from control stations
Producers are under pressure to increase their yield and improve productivity across all operations – and in turn are demanding more from their networks


Small, embedded router with Ethernet and UART interfaces; integrated CPU, transceiver, frequency shifter, and BII technology.

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