Private Networks

WiFi and LTE communications at licensed-band frequencies

WiFi and LTE provide the latest in communications technology. Doodle Labs’ configurable architecture allows shifting operating frequencies on existing network hardware to licensed-bands, allowing for rapid deployment of private networks.
Our products meet the unique requirements of unmanned systems:
Many frequencies
Configurable architecture
High-power, long-distance links
International customers have access to any frequency between 100 MHz and 6 GHz, including channels as small as 3 MHz
Network building blocks that can integrate with off-the-shelf products
Power boosters can increase transmit power up to 1 Watt
Doodle Labs products allow customers to rapidly deploy private networks using off-the-shelf products. In situations where systems have already been deployed, a variety of building blocks such as the Front End Subsystem can be utilized to rapidly adjust the frequency of the existing network.