For over 20 years the team at Doodle Labs has been designing connectivity solutions at the cutting-edge of wireless technologies. From pioneering long-range WiFi in the late 90’s to bringing broadband communication for the Industrial Internet today, we’re constantly looking for solutions to the era’s most pressing connectivity problems.

Over this time, a central design principle has been to extend the latest RF and IP capabilities defined by IEEE 802.11 standards. 802.11 is unique in the world of standards in that it successfully joins rapid innovation and wide industry adoption. Its success is driven by large R&D investments that continuously bring wireless technology advances, and economies of scale that result in lower cost manufacturing. Doodle Labs takes the best of 802.11 standards and builds further proprietary improvements for Industrial IoT use cases.

802.11 defines hundreds of operating parameters (e.g. operating frequency) that can be tuned to optimize performance for different use cases and environments. WiFi Alliance, for example, focuses on short-range, indoor home and office environments and sets 802.11 operating profile accordingly (e.g. channels for interoperability). Doodle Labs has developed its own set of profiles within BII®  (/Bee/, Broadband for Industrial Internet) that focus on highly demanding long-range, mobile, and outdoor use cases common in industrial applications.