Prism WiFi Technology

Industrial and Federal OEMs often have a range of wireless spectrum they prefer to use, especially given the environmental noise at WiFi frequencies. The traditional issue with communication systems at licensed-band frequencies has been their limited customer base, which has limited the amount of development investments. In turn, the licensed band communication systems tend to be limited in performance, inflexible, and expensive.

Doodle Labs took the approach of using 802.11 standards and chipsets as a starting block rather than designing licensed-band systems from scratch. From there, super heterodyne technology, whose principles have been around since World War 2, is used to shift the operating frequency of traditional WiFi (2.4 and 5 GHz) to any frequency between 100 MHz and 6 GHz. We call this Prism-WiFi technology, which brings all the benefits of Long-Range WiFi protocol to licensed-band spectrum. The Prism-WiFi has earned NSA’s most demanding certifications and has been employed in numerous DoD Program of Records.

Over the years, the Prism-WiFi technology has matured and can provide high performance and cost-effective SDR solution. Doodle Labs engineers have a systematic way to optimize performance at target frequencies. Doodle Labs can achieve COFDM/MIMO operation in as small as 3 MHz channels. Small channel sizes allow broadband connectivity in unique channel plans and private spectrum.